The Mitsubishi Pajero came in four generations and was produced by the Japanese automaker from 1981 to 2021. The second generation of this Japanese Domestic Market SUV brought Mitsubishi’s innovative off road Super Select four-wheel drive system to 151 receptive countries around the world. This SS4 system provides four available options: 2H (high-range rear-wheel drive), 4H (high-range full-time four-wheel drive), 4HLc (high-range four-wheel drive with locked centre differential) and 4LLc (low-range four-wheel drive with locked centre differential), allowing the driver can switch between 2WD and 4WD at speeds up to 80 km/hr. The vehicle carried with it other innovations that added to its global popularity, such as its top-mounted intercooler and Multi-Mode ABS, allowing anti-lock braking to function in all SS4 modes.

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