February 2, 2023

Blog: Sports Car Together Day at Porsche Centre Calgary


Few innovations in life are as prolific as the automobile. In its many incarnations, it touches the daily lives of nearly every human since its birth 136 years ago. Alas, the successes of our past inventions would not be significant if not for the continued efforts of those who act as modern day pioneers in the industry. A fascination with this creative muse that is the automobile transforms enthusiasm into obsession for many, and after spending a day strolling through Porsche Centre Calgary, I can relate. On display were some of the best examples from the last 70 years of Porsche automotive history. The Porsche 356 was given a special highlight, with over a dozen 356’s, release dates ranging from 1953 to 1963. 


Silver Porsche Continental


Two examples of the rare Porsche Continental were in attendance, both beautiful in their own right. One looked as though it had been brought to the show fresh off the factory floor, and the other displayed a proud silver patina betraying years of love and use. The oldest car there was a 1953 356, refurbished many times through the years resulting in a layer cake of paint, most recently a forest green, likely applied more as a protectant than for shine. This ‘53 is about to undergo a winter restoration to bring her back to life, so she can breathe through her dual carbs once again.



Also on display was a 1963 appearing to be bone stock, until you lift the hatch, revealing a modernised computer-controlled fuel-injected flat-six, prohibiting one from experiencing a leaky, flooded, flaming carburetor ever again. The owner informs us that this power plant was upgraded by Calgary’s Alpine Autowerks.


Modified 356 Motor


I would have been happy to make a stow-away out of any one of those heirlooms that day, even if I would have been pushing it out of the parking lot. Ultimately, my favourite had to be a 1955 Speedster; finished in the most pure coat of Speedster Blue I have ever seen. This car was acquired in a basket (probably many baskets) and restored to its former glory by the talented folks at Concept-1 in Calgary.



These historic old cars were given a counterpoint in the many modern marvels on showcase at Calgary’s Porsche Centre. GT3’s and GT2’s were presented with irrefutable prestige. Seminal design cues first exemplified by the 1953 356 live on 70 years later in Porsche’s modern models.



To witness the visual continuity that Porsche gracefully preserves over such an expansive length of time brings to mind the unstoppable creative force of man, regardless of the historic times he finds himself in. Shrouded by economic trials, or blessed by abundance, man’s obsession with beauty and precision marches on.


Enjoy the rest of the pictures below, and if you see a 356 pass by, be sure to give the driver a wave of encouragement to keep history alive!




Brown Porsche 356


Porsche 356


White Porsche 356 Buffalo Emblem


Porsche 944 turbo white formula auctions


Porsche 911 Slant Nose


Porsche center Calgary showroom with a dozen 356's